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Numbur Cheese Trekking

Ice Cap Adventure on July 6, 2019

Numbur Cheese Trekking is a relatively new trekking package that explores the Gauri Shankar Conservation Area. Stretching along the foothills of Numbur (6959 m), the Numbur Cheese Trekking route lies in the eastern part of Nepal. The trekking gets its name from the first-ever Yak Cheese industry which was opened in 1957. The trek offers the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the Himalayas in Gaurishankar, Langtang, and Everest ranges as well. In addition, the ethnic communities of Sherpa, Tamang, Brahmin, and Chhetri offer interesting stops on the treks.

As the trekking route is easy and suitable for beginners, it has attracted a lot of tourists in the past few years. If you are interested in going on a non-strenuous trip and enjoy nature; then this trekking route will be the best option.

Here are some of the key attractions of Numbur Cheese Trekking:

Mountains, Glaciers, and Lakes

The breathtaking views of the mountains are definitely the major attraction on the Numbur Cheese Trekking. Similarly, the Himalaya-fed glaciers and rivers also offer a breath of fresh air. On your way, you will be accompanied by Likhu and Khimti rivers which will take you along to meet the famous Likhu Glacier. The picturesque views of Jugal, Ganesh, Langtang, Gaurishankar, Ramdung, and Numbur ranges greet the trekkers on many occasions. The trek also heads to one of the most pristine and beautiful lake systems in the Gaurishankar Conservation Area- the Panch Pokhari Lakes. These lakes are also known for their religious significance. All in all, the natural wealth on the trekking trail is bound to awe the travelers.

Ethnicity and Culture

The welcoming culture of the Hyolmo, Tamang, and Thamli is another highlight that will make the memory of the trip last forever. The Hyolmo and Tamang culture showcase strong influence from Buddhism whereas Brahmin and Chhetri settlements are more derived from the Hindu faith. Along the trail, you can also visit numerous Hindu and Buddhist monuments including Thodung Monastery, Panch Pokhari Lakes, and Umatirtha.

Key Information about Number Cheese Trekking

This trip will take trekkers along off-beaten trails in the Gaurishankar Conservation Area. Trekkers will have to walk around 6 to 7 hours each day on the journey. The highest point of the Numbur Cheese Trek is at Gyajo La Pass at 4,880 meters above the sea level. The Panch Pokhari Lakes are also at a fairly high altitude at 4,600 meters. As such, the trek involves a few rigorous ascents and steep walks. Thus, having a decent level of physical fitness will be great to go on the Numbur Cheese Trekking.

The most suitable weather condition for this trek will be autumn or spring when the trails will be mostly dry and the temperature bearable. These seasons also offer the best of the Himalayan views while trekking. The trek will take you 18 days at most and can change according to the customization you choose to make. Feel free to reach us about the trip.

In Conclusion

All in all, if you are looking for ways to explore Nepal and enjoy your time in pristine nature, Numbur Cheese Trek is the best option. While you enjoy the company of the enchanting scenery and Himalayas, the trek also allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. Enjoy trekking in one of the most under-rated and off-beaten treks in Nepal.