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Adventure Exodus Pvt. Ltd. providing experience and well trained guides, who can speak fluently as require language and the knowledge of different place, different region, route Information, local culture, traditional, environmental awareness, and religion as well. Our guides speak English, French, Chinese, and Dutch, acknowledge of professional performance or accordance to clients needs. Our company’s guides have perfect able knowledge of their own subject’s as:  Trekking, climbing, Expedition, Rafting, and Culture Tour. They are very energetic and dedicated guides and an excellence service with their decade experience, taking great care of client with friendly behavior, knowledge of food handling, local habitant and their culture. They find best lodges and camp site.

  • Trekking Guide: We product the trekking guide according to our aims to provide well educated guide and  proffestional. We have many trekking guides, who has bee able to  trained for trekking guid. Our guides has great technical skill knowldge about trekking and high mountain.
  • Trekking Cook: We had trained to our cooks as well as  and  our cooks are provided who have been trained  in preparing varieties of dishes and cooking style with long experience.
  • Climbing Guide: We have many climbing guides who have good knowledge and experience to climb any peaks of Nepal. Our guide has great knowledge of technical climbing/ summit skill, route information, high altitude knowledge and safety measures as well as physically fit to help in every condition.
  • Porters: We provide you the insured porter who has general knowledge of English, physically fit and strong to carry goods as well as knowledge of the route when needed.

Please let’s feel free to Contact us for more details and enquiry on our  services


Trekking Guide : USD $ 25 per day.

Included :- Food, Transport, Domestic tickets, Equipments and Ensurance.

Climbing Guide: – USD $ 35 per day 

Includedc : – Food, Transport, Domestic tickets, Equipments and Insurance. The cost depend of mountain, difficulty for this it is advise to negotiate through email or whatever means of communication.

Trekking Cook: USD $ 25 per day.

Included :- Food, Transport, Domestic tickets, Equipments and Ensurance.

Porters :-  USD $ 15 per day

Included :- Food, Transport, Domestic tickets, Equipments and Ensurance.

Culture Guide/City :-  USD $ 20 per day.

Included :- Food, Transport

Please feel free to Contact us for the more details and any inquiry on our available services