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Places to Visit in Bandipur

Ice Cap Adventure on November 21, 2019

Bandipur is a small town, untouched by Western culture with its vintage Newari architecture of red brick houses and cobblestoned paths. The transport-free area is truly a breath of fresh air from the hectic schedules and lifestyle of modernized cities. Rich in both culture and natural beauty gives the tourists and travelers a lot to explore. The colorful and charming town has many laid back and relaxing activities to keep its visitors occupied. Along with these activities, there are many amazing places to visit in Bandipur that you cannot miss.

Bandipur is located on top of a hill south to Dumre from where the roads to Pokhara and Besisahar deviate. The vintage Newari town is gifted with wonderful views of the famous Annapurna Range and other mountains. In addition to the surreal Himalayan display, the medieval Newari culture and architecture offer a fresh take on tour and sightseeing. Bandipur has a moderate climate with June being the warmest month with an average of 25.2℃, and January being the coldest month with an average of 12℃. All these factors make Bandipur a delight for people who want a peaceful getaway. Tourists can enjoy the well-preserved history and culture while also enjoying the scenic beauty that Nepal is famous for.

Because Bandipur is so very different from what tourists are usually used to, there is a lot to observe and learn even within a single day. The town is fairly small with many attractions being about a fifteen-to-twenty minute walk. There are many amazing places to visit in Bandipur. Some of them are mentioned below:

Khadga Devi Temple

The Khadga Devi Temple is a very important part of the history and culture in Bandipur. The temple houses the sword of King Mukunda Sen who was the sixteenth-century ruler of Palpa. This sword is said to be a gift from Lord Shiva and is covered with a cloth as legend says that any person who looks at the sword will die instantly. However, the sword is brought out during Dashain- the biggest Hindu festival and the doors are opened to the public.

Thani Mai Temple/Viewpoint

The temple is a short twenty-minute uphill hike from the main town. Moreover, the Thani Mai Temple is famous because of the gorgeous view of the sunrise and sunset over the Annapurna Himalayas. Thani Mai temple is decorated with many ancient sculptures and walls full of artistic carvings. It is believed that praying to Lord Shiva in this temple fulfills your wishes.

Boudha Monastery/Gumba

Dedicated to Lord Buddha, the Boudha Monastery is yet another attraction in Bandipur. Adorned with prayer flags and golden statues of Lord Buddha, the monastery is breathtakingly beautiful. It is located in the outer skirts of the town and can be reached with a short hike. The monastery is of great significance to the Buddhist followers and also grants beautiful scenery of the Bandipur town.

Silkworm Farm

These farms take visitors through the different stages of silkworm growing and the process of silk-making. The farm also consists of mulberry plants used to feed the silkworms. On the way to these farms, the visitors can see orchid trails which is another thing that Bandipur is famous for.

As a cultural hub, there is a whole lot one can learn from the town. As a site that boasts of immense natural beauty, travelers can also easily reconnect with nature. Bandipur is a quiet and small-town where tranquility happiness lingers around the town. Along with the enchanting charm of the Newari heritages and lifestyle, Bandipur is an excellent destination for a short getaway.