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Guerilla and Yarsa Trek

Ice Cap Adventure on November 21, 2019

Nepal is a heaven for mountaineering and trekking thanks to the Himalayas and a myriad of geographical wonders. As such, there are many famous trekking routes like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, and Upper Mustang Trek attract thousands of tourists each year. In recent times, even new and non-conventional trekking has been gaining route popularity. As such, Guerilla and Yarsa Trek is one such journey that explores western Nepal and takes you on a trail laded with history and traces of Yarchagumba.


Guerilla and Yarsa trek is a newly found route in the hills of western Nepal. This trek is being popular among trekkers, not just because of its scenic beauty but for the story, it has to tell as well.

This trekking trail passes through the districts of Myagdi, Rukum, and Rolpa. During Maoist insurgency, this is where the Guerillas used to hide and was the path taken by them. Coincidently, this is the very same road that “Yarchagumba” harvesters take during June-July, to go uphill to harvest Yarchagumba. Yarchagumba is a medicinal herb found only in the areas with an altitude between 3500 meters to 4500 meters in the parts of Nepal, Tibet, China, and North-east India.

Trip Highlights

  • Through the entire journey, you will cross multiple caves, beautiful streams, gleaming lakes, and lush forests and hills. The district of Rukum alone is said to have 52 lakes and 53 hills.
  • It was the center of 10 years-long civil war and is an important part of Nepal’s history. On your way, you’ll see plenty of infrastructures that were destroyed during the insurgency.
  • You can do this trek any time of the year. In June and July, you can witness and partake in the harvesting of Yarchagumba. From September to October, you can go for hunting in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve and in March and April, you can enjoy local fares and community events of Magars.
  • Dolpo region is full of natural treasure; varieties of fauna including blue sheep, tahr and snow leopard. Likewise, the trail also offers breath-taking views of Dhaulagiri and Putha Hiunchuli range.
  • You will get to take a closer to peek at the rural lifestyle of the people, learn about different ethnic tribes, enjoy their hospitality, and hear the melody of the far west: “Deuda”.

The journey of Guerilla and Yarsa Trek

The Guerilla and Yarsa Trek starts from Beni which is a few hours’ drive from Pokhara. The trail will go through Thawang, Syabru Daha, Mushi Kot, Rukum Kot, Sukul Bang, Jel Bang, Khara, Maikot, and Kyam. Further, the journey will cover Pelma, here there is a hot spring where one can relax and wash away all their tiredness. Carrying ahead to Sen river valley, you’ll reach a pond; here will find the temporary settlement of Yarchagumba collectors during the season. After spending a day at Arbijah, the return trek heads to Dhule Maikot, Phulenge, and eventually to Dhorpatan. You can drive to Pokhara from Dhorpatan where the trip comes to an end.

Duration and Cost

Guerilla and Yarsa trek is usually about 17 days long. These war-torn areas are considered to be some of the least developed parts of the country, the launching of the Guerilla and Yarsa trails is thought to help in the socio-economic development of the place, giving you one more reason to visit. Moreover, the trekking trails are also ripe with natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Experience the authentic beauty of Nepal on the Guerilla and Yarsa Trek!