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Dolpo Trek: Experience the Unexplored Tranquil and Natural Beauty

Ice Cap Adventure on May 3, 2019

Untouched by the modern influences and luxuries, Dolpo is one of the most exciting; yet, amazingly, uncharted trekking destinations in Nepal. It is home to raw Tibetan culture, natural magnificence, and an ideal illustration of the diversity in landscapes, religion, and traditions. Being one of the least visited sites, the trails and the environs in the region are still pristine. Though the tourists may come from hundreds of miles away, they’re guaranteed to feel much at home, with the warm hospitality of the locals.

Upper and Lower Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is one of the largest trekking destinations in Nepal with a plethora of sites to visit. For the ease of trekking in accordance to the trekkers’ ability and time availability, two trekking routes have been carved in the maps of Dolpo. One is the Lower Dolpo Trek, and the other trekking route is the Upper Dolpo Trek. The Lower Dolpo Trek explores the lower skirts of Dolpo while reaching the Phoksundo Lake as the highest point of the trek. However, Upper Dolpo Trek navigates through the Tibetan villages in close proximity to Tibet. The trek also crosses high altitude passes like Kang La (5350m) and Sele La (5096m).

Key Attractions of Dolpo Trek

Culture and Nature

Along these two adventurous trekking routes on Upper and Lower Dolpo treks, trekkers walk through Khas and Thakuri villages of Juphal and Dunai. As the trekkers ascend along the trekking trails, the influence of Buddhism is clearly evident. Tibetan Buddhism and Bon Po religions prevail in Upper Dolpo and are practiced in numerous monasteries spread throughout the region.

Leaving the lush forests around the Phoksundo Lake and its vicinity, the northern parts are arid and barren. However, the curvaceous landscapes form breath-taking sceneries. The Shey Phoksundo National park is the epitome of bio-diversity and tranquil environment.

Shey Phoksundo Lake

The Shey Phoksundo Lake is the main attraction of these treks. The turquoise-colored lake is the crown jewel of the Dolpo region and boasts of incredible serenity around the vicinity. The lake lies amidst of tall green hills covered and topped by beautiful snow-capped mountains behind them.

Tour/ trek in jomsom and muktinath

Gumba and Buddhist Monasteries

The trekkers can find hundreds of Buddhist monasteries, chortens, and prayer wheels on the trekking trails. Along with these, they can also meet people following Bon Po religion as well. Shey Gompa, a Buddhist monastery is the most esteemed one in the entire region whereas Yangtze Gompa is a monastery of Bon origin. Stone walls with mantras and colorful environment created by decorated prayer flags are a feast to trekkers.

Rich Biodiversity

With lots of valleys and gorges, it creates a perfect environment for rare flora and fauna to bloom in these areas. The visitors can have the opportunity to be a part of the few of those who can say they’ve seen rare animals like Blue Sheep, Himalayan Thar, and Snow Leopards. Additionally, colorful plants like the Wild Rose, Juniper, and Rhododendrons in the grasslands and valleys are something not everyone can experience in their life. Shey Phoksundo National Park in the Dolpo region houses this astounding bio-diversity.

Dolpo region is an ideal trekking location to experience the nomadic life, ancient cultures, and isolated trekking trails. These treks are uniquely distinct thanks to its authenticity of the prevailing nature and culture. As the treks provide opportunities to learn and enjoy, Dolpo is a must-visit destination for trekking enthusiasts in 2019/2020.

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