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Things to do in Kathmandu

Ice Cap Adventure on November 20, 2019

With the great Himalayas on the backdrop and spellbinding landscape throughout its frontiers, Nepal is a must-visit nation. While most visit the country for its enthralling beauty and the adventures it offers, many tourists come here to experience Nepalese hospitality, culture, and traditions. If you have limited time and you want to explore as much as you can, spend your time in the periphery of the Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu is a vibrant mix of modern luxury and traditional ethos which shapes most parts of the city. The bustling capital represents diverse culture, food habits, and lifestyles of entire Nepal, along with lots of fun things to do all in one place. Here are some of the things to do in Kathmandu.

Yummy Food

Kathmandu is where one can find the get-together of a variety of cultures and traditions. As such, in Kathmandu, you’ll find countless eateries serving all kinds of cuisines. Newari delicacies like Bara (bread made from rice), Chataamari (Newari pizza) and Choila, Bhutan (both made from meat) pickles are the popular Newari food items here. You’ll also find many “Thakali Bhancha (Restaurant)” where you can enjoy traditional “Daal Bhat” consisting of rice, pulses, vegetables, and pickle – and meat, if you prefer. Also make sure you try Momos, dumping served with sauce-like pickle of tomatoes, Sekuwa (BBQ) and if you can tolerate spices “Paani Puri” and “Chatpatey”.

Festive and Festivals

The richness of Kathmandu valley lies in diversity among its habitants, the city comes to its life during different festivals of different ethnic groups. During Newari Jatra like Machhendranath, Bhoto Jatra, and Bisket Jatra are celebrated with great zest throughout the city. During Lhosar, you’ll find thousands gathered at Tudhikhel to celebrate or, during Holi, everyone will be seen splashing colors of joy and happiness with their loved ones. Likewise, Dashain, Tihar, Eid, Christmas, Chhath, and New Year are some of the popular festivities as well.

Historic Architecture

The history of the cultural heritage and the story they tell are the factors that have shaped Kathmandu. From the frail wooden windows in Bhaktapur to the majestic art in Patan, there are numerous destinations to witness the mastery in arts in medieval Kathmandu. The Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan durbar squares are the three prominent sites which display the architecture and craftsmanship during ancient times. The 55-windowed Palace, Kasthamandap, Basantapur Tower, and Krishna Temple are just a few notable architectures that bear the history and glory of Kathmandu.

Hiking around Kathmandu Valley

If you choose serenity and quiet travel rather than the hustle and bustle in the cities, there are numerous hiking trails around Kathmandu as well. These hikes allow you to enjoy the majestic beauty that surrounds the Kathmandu Valley. Nagarkot, Chisapani, Kakani, and Lakuri Bhanjyang are few of the prominent hiking destinations around Kathmandu. Likewise, Shivapuri Hiking boasts incredible stops at destinations like Nagi Gompa and Budhanikantha Temple. Another excellent option for a day hike is Champadevi which starts from Pharping. These hikes even offer a surreal panorama of the surrounding landscapes and the faraway Himalayas.

Yoga and Meditation

Along with recreation and this sightseeing; tourists also look forward to doing some yoga and meditation. Hence, Kathmandu is witnessing an increase in yoga retreats and meditation centers. According to your preference, you can even sign yourself up for Vipassana or Kundalini Meditation along with Yoga; you’ll also get to choose the duration of your yoga according to your suitability.

Interested travelers can sign up for any of these activities throughout the year. As such, you will surely not regret visiting this vibrant city: it has its rich cultural and historical heritages to show. Kathmandu is where people, their belief, and social practices come alive with the heritages in and around the valley.