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10 Tips for Trekking in Nepal

Ice Cap Adventure on November 21, 2019

Trekking in Nepal gives you the wondrous joy of relishing the natural and cultural majesty. While the country is famed for remarkable trekking destinations, trekkers need to be very careful about various things to stay safe and have a good adventure. It is always better to know certain facts or tips before going on any kind of trek. As such, here are 10 tips for trekking in Nepal.

Visa on Arrival

For any foreigner visiting Nepal, they can easily get a visa on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Likewise, you can also procure a Nepalese visa at any of the land entry or exit points at the Nepal-Tibet and Nepal-India borders. Visas can also be issued from the diplomatic missions of Nepal located in your nation. For more information regarding tourist visas, refer to the information at http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np/page/tourist-visa.

Taxi from Airport

There will be plenty of taxis waiting outside the airport to pick up tourists. If you have signed up with a travel agency, you will be received at the airport by the respective representative. If not, you will not have much trouble finding a taxi to get to your hotel. Make sure you know the location of the hotel and communicate well with the taxi driver.


Dressing depends on the season of your travel. Winters will require warmer clothes, and the opposite is true for summer. While trekking, you will need warm clothes, as the high-altitude regions will experience cold nights even if the days are warm. Make sure you know the temperature of the region you are traveling to and pack your bags accordingly.

Foreign Currency Exchange

You can find plenty of foreign exchange stores around major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. When you are out for your trek, make sure you have enough money since you may not find ATMs or currency exchange stores in rural areas.

Food and Water

Always make sure you have hygienic food and water. Do not eat or drink at random places. It is important to always stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water, but make sure the water you drink is pure and clean. The food and water you consume make a huge difference in your travel experience; you do not want to fall sick due to it!

Travel in a Group

Although traveling alone may sound fun for many people, it is always best to travel in a group or with even just a guide. When you travel with others, you can look for help for either minor issues or emergencies. There is always strength in numbers!


One of the most important parts of trekking at high altitudes is acclimatization. The human body needs time to adapt to the high altitude surrounding it. Spend at least a day acclimatizing and giving your body what it needs. Do not overpressurize your body or rush on treks.

Contingency Days in Your Itinerary

There can be various factors that can affect the schedule and timing of your trip. Adverse weather, flight delays, and medical issues are some of the factors that can disrupt your itinerary. To make sure you have enough time to complete your trip, make sure you have contingency days in your itinerary.

Research your destination

It is vital to know about the place you are visiting. Information such as altitude, length of trip, and types of accommodation are very important when trekking or traveling. With proper research on your destination, you know what to expect and how to overcome any obstacle that may come your way.

Hire a local travel agency

Hiring a local travel agency can give you the upper hand when traveling to Nepal. Local agencies provide you with a hassle-free experience as they know the places better than anyone else. These agencies take care of everything for you and make your trip smooth. It also benefits the local community by generating income for the people.

Trekking is indeed one of the best experiences to enjoy a break or learn about new stuff. So with these 10 tips for trekking in Nepal, you will have a whole new experience. In Nepal, it is also a wonderful way to get close to nature. So, pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of your lifetime with Ice Cap Adventure!